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Individual Counselling

Individual counselling can help people experience life at its fullest.  Counselling and psychotherapy are dependent on your individual needs and what brings you to therapy.   Therapy may include looking at your past to discover how these impacts and any potential links to your current life and relationships.   

Working with a therapist and building a relationship based on trust aids mental health.  Looking at ways of behaviour which can be unhealthy or destructive may assist with reducing anxiety, stress and depression, aiding individuals to live a more fulfilled life.  

Individual Counselling can be carried out online or face-to-face at our centre.

Cost £40 - £65**

Therapists Offering Individual Therapy - Ian Burman, Lisa Smith, Angela Ashton, Charlotte Hubble, Claire Smith, Judy Smart, Madeleine Harrison, Rachel Duggins, Sonya Sandhu & Val Skerritt

Therapists Offering Online Individual Therapy - Charlotte Windle and Emma Footit


** Fees are negotiated by individual therapists/supervisors and their clients, some of whom may offer concessionary rates for appointments held daytime Monday -Friday and/or if they are looking for research candidates

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