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Employment Assisted Programs

As organisations we rely on our employees;  well supported people work harder and have fewer absences from work.  Counselling and psychotherapy can assist workplaces with their employee’s mental health. 

During the pandemic many employees struggled with their mental health due to the unprecedented restrictions, transitioning back to work, all of which have impacted workplace morale and individual’s emotional wellbeing.  We can help with the transition period back to work and offer counselling support due to any necessary redundancies. Employment assisted programs can aid your human resources team in encouraging staff back to work following a period of sickness, help with work related problems such as stress, workplace bullying and personal problems that impact an employees ability to work. We offer individually tailored packages for organisations that can include one to one counselling and psychotherapy either face to face at our centre in Oldbury or through an online platform should an employee prefer working remotely. 

How does an EAP work?

Companies can make individual referrals via human resources departments, a service level of agreement will need to be negotiated which will includes the cost.  We recommend up to six counselling sessions being available,  we aim to arrange appointments within 5 working days of first contact. 


Statistical information on the general issues that employees are attending counselling and the level of uptake of the service can be provided on request. As a service, individual sessions will be considered confidential as a way to aid employees to be able to speak freely about their difficulties; although with employee consent initial and final reports can be provided.  

Phoenix Counselling and individual therapists will maintain records in accordance with British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy Ethical Framework (2018) and General Data Protection Regulations (2018), referrals made by human resources and/or management who will need to take full responsibility to maintain and respect individual employees confidentiality. 

For further information and discuss your organisation's requirements 

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